Hilltop Alehouse

2129 Queen Ave N
Seattle WA 98109
Phone: 206-736-5009

Nancy Leson, food writer for the Seattle Times loves our Ale Houses and says: "Every neighborhood should be so lucky". We do not use microwave ovens, we do not use heat lamps and we do not use deep fryers. Everything comes to you hot from our grill. Come in and taste why.

We will randomly select a Blue Plate Lunch Special priced at $9. Stretch your dollar for lunch and get food with local, seasonal ingredients, all freshly made. Take a chance on us. Consistently.... 19 years at 74th. St., 17 years at Hilltop and 10 years at Columbia City! Who survives and maintains such quality that long.

Welcome to the very first Seattle Gastropubs. By definition, in 1991 our company, seattlealehouses.com, legitimized the Tavern concept in the minds of people who otherwise would never step in by bringing the freshest local ingredients to each individual table as creative, innovative food married to local, handcrafted ales. All fresh ingredients, all fresh ales, no microwave ovens, no heatlamps and no deep fryers! 19 years! and we continue to win awards for our food and service. Come in and try us today!

Events at Hilltop Alehouse

Sorry there are no upcoming events at this location.