209 1st Ave S
Seattle WA 98104
Phone: 206-602-6442

Altstadt is a unique experience in Pioneer Square and Seattle in general. We make the unfamiliar (whether it be beer, liquor, or food) familiar and bring the German hospitality traditions to our own community.

Our vision is executed by Chef & General Manager, Megan Coombes, who has lived in Germany and has experience cooking at Michelin-starred German/Austrian restaurants in New York, and Bar Manager, Donald Tillman, who has years of experience serving Seattleites through the Ethan Stowell and Heavy Restaurant groups.

With a warm, homey atmosphere and product found nowhere else in the area, we know the experience of coming to Altstadt is one of a kind, whether it be a guest’s first, or fiftieth time.

We are available for on and off site catering or large group events. For information, you can reach us at 206.602.6442 or by email at

Events at Altstadt

  • 05/12 at 03:00 PM WA vs. OR Pilsner Fest - Mother's love pilsners so why not bring her in for a round while Washington a...