The Lodge- Kirkland

107 Lake Street
Seattle WA 98033
Phone: 425-202-7663


The Lodge Sports Grille is a family run business and all that that implies. It started in early 2007, as cliche as it sounds, on a napkin over cocktails at a waterfront restaurant in Mukilteo, WA. Shawn Roten was a contractor that dreamt up and built high end homes in the greater Seattle area. When the market crashed in 2008, the business had to evolve. He and his wife, Elizabeth Stewart, decided to use their experience in the construction industry to build a bar, under the impression that in a recession, beer sells better than houses.

Their experience in the restaurant industry was founded entirely on being patrons. Knowing exactly what they would like in a hometown bar, the concept of 'The Lodge' took shape. It had to be warm and welcoming, yet clean and fresh. It had to have TV's visible from every seat in the house for game days. It had to have quality comfort food, but a step above the typical pub menu. And beer... it had to have lots and lots of beer. The Lodge was to be a place where you can take your family for dinner, your business partner for lunch, your date for happy hour, and still be able to meet your friends for a late night out. So the two founding principles were boiled down to this: quality, hand-crafted atmosphere and quality, hand-crafted product.

Ground broke in 2009 on our first location in Mukilteo and the doors opened in February 2010. With a welcoming response from the community, we were able to expand the following year with our second location in Kirkland. We now have five restaurants in the greater Seattle area. Each molds to the community it resides in, making each Lodge truly 'local'. However, there are some common traits that hold true throughout: the build, the menu, the people, and even the beer.


The build is what makes The Lodge unique. Before there are customers, servers, bartenders, plates, napkins, food, even beer, there is what we like to call, the wood shop.

It starts with a space, usually with a previous life and use. We gut it, leaving only the bones. From there it begins. We map out the floorplan on site, taking into careful consideration consumer and staff circulation, comfort, and efficiency. We then bring in truckloads, yes truckloads, of wood from our favorite mill, Live Edge, located up north in Oso, WA. We find the rarest solid black walnut slabs, heavy timber beams, raw wide-plank flooring that will be milled later on site, and our favorite, the Alaskan cedar planks.

Every aspect of the build is built by hand and done on site, including the design decisions, the oversized bifold windows, the hand chiseled mortis and tennon timber back bar and the solid live edge tables. Even the fine woodworking of the wainscotting found throughout is done on site by our skilled crew. We pride ourselves in the craft of build, believing that the integrity of custom crafstmanship can be felt in the atmosphere of the finished product.


Executive Chef: Oscar Garcia
"Chef Oscar has transformed the standard of typical bar food at the Lodge into high craft creations that are approachable for everyone. From the his unique award-winning sliders, to the classic Pac12 Burgers, to his seasonal specials, the quality in taste and presentation are sure to surpass expectation. 'For 24 years my passion has always been in the kitchen, to bring joy to the people through my creations.' "

- Seattle Met, Chef Profile

If there is one thing that we pride ourselves in as much as the integrity of the build or the choices of our beer, it is the craft behind our food. Chef Oscar has been able to establish a menu at The Lodge that is both approachable and comforting yet imaginative and fresh. Using the finest ingredients, you can enjoy everything from the classic comfort foods of a hearty burger or hearty beef stew to dishes that rival the finest of fine dining throughout the Pacific NW.


In our establishments you can find hand crafted cocktails and an established wine list, but the one thing that sets us a part is our extensive beer list. Each location has a different lineup with Mukilteo boasting 41 beers on tap, Downtown & Mill Creek with 48, Kirkland with 56, and Stadium with 70 beers on tap!

We were born in the Pacific NW and craft beer is not just a trend, but a way of life. Our beer expert, along with our seasoned bartenders, work hard to keep the list fresh and relevant with the new and classic beer selections. Check out our rotating taps at each location. If you are not finding what your looking for, let us know! We will work to get your favorite on deck and ready to pour the next time you come back.

Events at The Lodge- Kirkland

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