Pint Defiance

2049 Mildred Street West
Tacoma WA 98466
Phone: 253-302-4240

Looking to find craft and specialty beers in Tacoma? Pint Defiance is your source for great beer in Tacoma, University Place and Fircrest.

Pint Defiance offers a wide variety of specialty, hard to find beers in the bottle and on tap. With 16 cooler doors, you have 50 feet of beers, meads and ciders to explore.

Experience the subtle airs of Belgium’s Trappist or Lambic brews, discover the dark depths of regional stouts and porters, or scale the heights of the Northwest's biggest IPAs.

The beer selection at Pint Defiance is carefully curated and rotated regularly so you will always find new and interesting beer choices. Check out our Twitter feed to find out more.

Events at Pint Defiance

Sorry there are no upcoming events at this location.