American Brewing Company

180 West Dayton St., Warehouse 102
Edmonds WA 98020
Phone: 425-774-1717

There was a Man, There was a Brewer

It’s true that we are a new micro brewery in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t rich with history.

Our Founder and President, Neil Fallon, is new to the brewing industry but not new to building businesses from the ground up. The last twenty years he has been involved in the real estate industry, eventually doing business under his own moniker, Neil Fallon Development. With several completed communities under his belt it was time to try something new. The prospect of venturing into the microbrewery business was a temptation he couldn’t resist.

But where to begin? Two criteria were at the top of his list: the location and the brewer. Through a long process of elimination it came down to a brewer, Skip Madsen, and a location, the City of Edmonds, who warmly welcomed us from the start.

Skip Madsen has been brewing beer since 1992. He is an esteemed craftsman with deep roots in the Northwest’s micro brewing community. Skip embodies the epitome of a world class brewer. He has the mind of a chemist, the physical strength required to brew and the heart and soul of an artist. His skill elevates him and his creations.

Our brewery was completed in January of 2011 and we commenced brewing immediately. We will feature one of Skip's trademark creations (at date), Breakaway IPA. But who knows? Skip is already mulling over what he might want to brew next...we can't wait, can you?

You will have to look for us though. We are not visible from the street; in fact our entrance is on the backside of the warehouse building. But we are confident that once you make the trek to our doors, you won’t be the least bit disappointed. Our Breakaway Room is warm and inviting and our beer, well, we guarantee our beer is worth the minor inconvenience of our location.

We anticipate your arrival to our brewery. We sincerely hope you give our beer a try. Stop by any time we are open to the public and you will be sure to meet one or both of these men who will be more than pleased to chat for awhile and proudly pour you one of our beers.

Events at American Brewing Company

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