Idiot Brotherz: A Comedy Show

This event was apart of Seattle Beer Week 2013. Check out this year's events.

05/18 from 10:00 PM-11:30 PM

at Naked City Taphouse

Idiot Brotherz! takes over the Screening Room every third Saturday of the month at 10pm with a new episode of the latest incarnation of the hippest comedy show in Seattle.

The Seattle Weekly describes the show (formerly called The Humor Program!), starring Devin Badoo, thusly: "Smarty-pants kids meld stand-up, sound effects, and couch conversation into one thoroughly entertaining hybrid." And The Stranger chimed in with: "THE HUMOR PROGRAM is a monthly collaboration between a bushel of Seattle's most up-and-comingest up-and-comers...The show features "standup, interviews, puppets, and other silly shit."

Past guests have included Mike Drucker (SNL and The Onion writer), Luke Burbank (KIRO 97.3 radio personality and host of the popular podcast Too Beautiful to Live), and Rory Scovel (Conan).