World Class Brewer's Reunion @ Pike

This event was apart of Seattle Beer Week 2011. Check out this year's events.

05/21 from 02:00 PM-05:00 PM

at The Pike Brewing Company

Mingle with current and former Pike brewers and co-workers. Pike is proud to say our alums are brewing some of the best beers in the World! They will gather at Pike during Seattle Beer Week to shake hands and sign autographs for their beer crazed fans. Many of the brewers will be bringing a special brew for you to sample!
Washington State enacted Prohibition in 1916, four years before the entire country went dry. Put out of business were family owned breweries that brewed a wide variety of beers including Weiss-bier, Porter, Ale, and even a Walla Walla "Klosterbier," brewed under license from the famous Andecks Monastery in Bavaria. A few breweries opened, or re-opened, in 1933,but almost all of them brewed mostly light lager beer. One company, Seattle Brewing and Malting, that brewed Rainier, acquired most of the competitors, and only Rainier and Olympia remained in business by the time the first Washington State microbrewery opened in 1982. Of the first two microbreweries, one is now owned by the World's biggest brewer (from Brazil), and the other has gone out of business. So, too, have Rainier and Olympia, although these brands are now brewed by the World's second largest brewer, headquartered in South Africa.

Of the local breweries that operated at the time of Pike's founding, only Hales and Big Time remain. Fortunately, they have since been joined by more than 100 other Washington State breweries. Washington, along with its Oregon neighbor, now boasts the highest per capita consumption of craft beers in the country. Together we sell more IPA than any other place on the planet, including England where that style originated.

Many of the finest brewers in Washington got their start at Pike. Others were influenced by the styles, like IPA. Pike was among the first breweries to brew IPA in modern times.

What event could better celebrate Seattle Beer Week than one that features the beers and brewers that are alumni of our company? We have invited about 20 brewers to join us for a unique tasting. Each brewer has selected one of their brewery's finest beers to pour.
Fal Allen with Anderson Valley Brewery, Boonville, California
Dick Cantwell, Elysian Brewery, Seattle
Drew Cluley, Big Time Brewery, Seattle
Kevin Forhan, Ram Brewery, Seattle
Frank Helderman, Terminal Gravity Brewery, Enterprise,Oregon
Bill Jenkins, Elliott Bay Brewing Company, Seattle
Shawn Loring, Lazy Boy Brewing Company, Edmonds
Skip Madsen: American Brewing Company, Everett
Dean Mochizuki, Pike Brewing Co, Seattle
Abil Bradshaw, Pike Brewing Co, Seattle
Jason Parker, Derby Distilling Co., Seattle
Dean Priebe: Icicle Brewery, Leavenworth
Janelle Pritchard, not currently affiliated
Larry Rock, Sales Rep for Pike's distributor, Click, Seattle
The Pike Brewery Team, Seattle:
Jan Balcom, Meg Bragg, Art Dixon, Mike Fagerness, Steve French, Adam Korby, Adam Palmer, Kelly Wiese.

Some of you may remember a limited edition set of trading cards featuring Pike brewers. Original creator and former Pike brewer, Janelle Pritchard, has given us permission to recreate a 2011 Limited Edition Pike Trading Card set.
Available for $1.00 per card, come trade until you collect a whole set!
Proceeds will benefit The Pink Boots Society®.