This event was apart of Seattle Beer Week 2019. Check out this year's events.

05/10 All Day

at Brouwer's Cafe

Oh goodness, is Seattle Beer Week here already? It feels like just yesterday we were drinking Barleywines and hoping for some sunshine and warmth. Well, here we are: sweating, pounding lagers, and hoping for some gray and rain. My how the tides have turned. Well, we have a way to turn back the clock…
Come on in May 10th to remind yourselves of a simpler time, huddled en masse trying to survive Snowmaggedon by drinking dark, boozy beers and eating hearty food because the local co-op ran out of turnips and kale. We’ll have stouts on stouts on stouts the entire weekend. Stop in, order some heavy beer and some heavier food, and forget about that big ball of fire in the sky; summer can wait.