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05/13 from 06:00 PM-09:00 PM

at Naked City Taphouse

The best beers from all the nanobreweries we could find all over Washington State. So far we have 27 for one night only!

On this epic night we celebrate the smallest of the small batch, hand-made, unique craft beers that make Washington so special. Talk hops with the head brewers from Nanobreweries throughout the state, each offering a delicious beer including fruit & herbal infusions, sours, & other rarities.

Featuring the following awesome breweries. More breweries and beers TBA!

Rainy Daze; At Large; Cash Brewing; 5 Don's; North Sound; Naked City.
Foggy Noggin - Diablo del Sol - English Pale Ale
Burwood - Goat Lord Mai-Bock
Bavaria - Weizendoppelbock
5 Rights - Saison
Slaughter County - Barrel Soured Scotch Ale
Badass - Daring Diva Razz Wheat
Fire & Irons - Compion Apple Ale - Pale Ale with Apple
Skookum - Asesinato de Cuervos
M.T. Head - One Year Syrah Barrel Aged Saison
Hemlock State - Chai Porter
The Hop Crew - Jasmine Green Tea IPA
Triceratops - Rye IPA
Lovecraft - Olde Kitsap Saison
Herbert B. Friendly's - Make It So! Herbed Mild Ale
Lumberjack - Jalapeno Pale Ale
Cascadia - Root Gruit
Dirty Bucket - Dirty Confessions Belgian Quad
Big Block - Raspberry Blonde
Downpour - Dry Hopped Sour

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